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Have you thought that the engine of your vehicle does not require Cleaning the engine scale?

Technology at your service and a professional equipment
for intervention on your vehicle:
Engine decarbonizing

Decalamineur moteur Nomade

Motor decalamineur, cleaning of Fap, Catalyst, EGR valve, Cylinder head .... Nomad range connection with cable on the vehicle battery in 12v.

Treatment of engine scale with hho up to 6 liters engine displacement.




Stakeholder On Automobiles, Garage Operators, Operated The Benefit Of Particulate Filter Cleaning, Catalyst, EGR Valve With Pro Material, The CleanerFap.

Strong profitability!
A descaling cleaning operation of a particulate filter or Catalyst from 20 minutes to one hour.

Discover how thousands of people are gainfully engaged with CleanerFap


Cleaner Engine

Cleaner Engine, makes the engine decarbonizing in static or rolling situation.
The use of the multigas is no more dangerous than the use of gasoline. Use good sense and follow the basic security such as mentioned in the operating instructions.

The strong Points: Efficiency without disassembly of parts!

  • No maintenance heavy and dangerous such machines hho.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by air without having to remove the filter.


Nomad Engine Decalciner

Power supply: 12v, with battery clamp on the vehicle.


Kit CleanerEngine

For use with disposable cartridge of Multi-Gas hho



Multi-gas hho treatment of engine scale in workshop on site, or in rolling mode. An intervention in rolling mode offers a result of better quality and in only 20 minutes!



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